Can we bring this meme back? I like it.

I fall in love with the characters of 30 Rock more than I do any other show. I wanna be Jenna’s best friend, I want Liz to manage my life, smoke with Tracy, go dancing with Kenneth, and… I have no idea about Jack. Drink whiskey and jam with Jack and Pete?

New avatar because new jacket and haircut

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QuestionWhat's bottom or top mean?? Answer


oh darling


Mother of god. This is the best pumpkin I have ever seen.

I feel asleep at 11. Like, what? And now I’m up so early D:


Let’s smoke and drink tea and listen to hip hop and love eachother all the time.

Why does securing my own happiness still feel shitty?

I don’t even want to read the article, I just want to forever live in the mystery of this man’s life choices.

Okay do I have to lower my expectations for what a good friend is, or are honest people really this hard to find?

whaaaat theee fuccccckkkkkkkkkkkk

I thought this was some guy staring at me and my friend across the street. For like ten minutes.